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The Sterling Sturgeon Memorial Ball Tournament raised $2000 for Lupus NB. Photos from the day are added. Another walk to come Aug. 25th. Check events page for details.

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Dates for the Lupus NB Medical Symposium and the 56th Annual Sterling Sturgeon Memorial Ball Game announced. Photos from the May 12th Walk for lupus to come soon!

Fascination 2012

Feb. 25-26/2012 at the Irishtown Community Center. See Events page for details.

Announcements - Early signs of Lupus

Lupus is an autoimmune disease that can affect young people between 15 and 44 years old. Its symptoms are unique to every single patient and most of the times are hard to identify. Several medical exams are needed to prove the presence of lupus in one’s body. It is recommended that any person dealing with any of the following symptoms should seek medical assistance as soon as possible.

Fatigue is one of the first signs that lupus has developed in one’s body. It is not the usual tiredness that people get because of lack of sleep or skipping the morning coffee. The feeling is more intense and usually results in long periods of exhaustion.

Hair loss is an adverse reaction that the body has to the presence of lupus. Many patients experience a rapid and constant thinning of their hair as well as small signs of inflammation on the scalp and the chest. With proper medication and the eventual recession of lupus, people suffering from this condition benefit from renewed hair growth.

Skin rashes are very common for lupus patients. These skin lesions usually last for weeks in a row and the absence of treatment can lead to swellings of various parts of the body. Swollen joints and severe pains affect people who are developing the initial stages of the lupus condition. The first reaction is usually the pain, followed by mild inflammations and even non-itchy rashes that occur around the swollen area.

Pulmonary problems are some of the first signs that force the sufferer to contact a doctor. Smokers tend to consider it as a side effect of their tobacco addiction, so they are the ones who, more than often, delay the first medical exam. Inflammations that occur inside the lung can lead to severe problems that can affect the blood vessels as well.